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Saving Our Shippers CASH Is JOB #1!!

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I'm thrilled to report that rate shopping across FedEx, UPS, and USPS has saved us over 30% on shipping costs! And the address validation service is amazing! No more $20 bad address surcharges on our bills!!


Dana J. - eCommerce shipper

Wow! OnShip Elite is amazing! It finds the absolute BEST rates everytime, AND integrated to my eBay account with a few clicks!!

Tom R. - eBay shipper

OnShip Elite quickly prints all my promotional shipping labels at an amazingly low rate in one fast and easy batch with unlimited users & shipments! Where have you been all my life, OnShip Elite??

Andy G. - commercial printer

Quickly compare DHL, FedEx, UPS & USPS to find the BEST shipping rates!

Wow, we have some incredible rates for you! But, do you think yours are better? Let's put it to the test! Sign up today, add your carrier accounts to the mix, and let's see who comes out on top! Don't wait! You have nothing to lose...except those high rates you're currently paying ;)

More Testimonials!

Warehouse Workers in Hardhats


I save a ton of time and money having OnShip Elite batch process all my promo shipping labels at once!

Lisa B. - Promos Marketer

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We Have Amazing Shipping Rates!

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Activate OnShip Elite Today, Run It Side by Side With Your Current Software, and Cut Us Loose If We're Not Better Than THE OTHER GUYS!

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THE OTHER GUYS Offer Great Prices As Long As You Have ONE USER & NO SHIPMENTS! 

NOT US! We Love It When Our Customers Grow...NO LIMITS!

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